Best MagSafe Chargers 2022

Apple couldn’t just bring wireless charging to the iPhone—it had to reinvent what wireless charging on an iPhone is meant. The result? MagSafe for iPhone. On an iPhone, MagSafe refers to the fact that the iPhone can connect magnetically to accessories like wallets, mounts and, of course, wireless chargers. The best MagSafe chargers are convenient, offer fast charging and will last a lifetime.

Apple introduced MagSafe on the iPhone 12 series, and all new iPhones since—including the latest Apple iPhone 14 and Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max—support this charging scheme. Some MagSafe chargers charge faster than others. Some are built better than others. And some are built for different situations, such as use in a car as opposed to at a desk.

Be watch out for confusing branding. Some MagSafe chargers are “MagSafe-certified,” while others are marked “MagSafe-compatible.” What’s the difference? MagSafe-compatible chargers are wireless chargers with magnets built into them. These chargers will only charge at 7.5 watts, instead of the 15-watt speed offered by MagSafe-certified chargers. MagSafe-certified chargers are approved by Apple to work with its MagSafe standard. Note, this really only matters for chargers—if you’re buying a “MagSafe-compatible” wallet case, you won’t really notice a difference.

After experience and research, these are the best MagSafe chargers for iPhone you can buy today.

Best for: Speedy, straightforward MagSafe charging.

If you’re looking for a simple and convenient charging experience that you can count on, then the official Apple MagSafe charger is probably your best bet. This charger, of course, is built for MagSafe, and thus supports the fastest 15W MagSafe charging speeds—ensuring your phone or Apple AirPods are always properly topped-up.

If you’re an Apple fan, this charger fits well with the design of the rest of your Apple devices, too. The classic white-and-silver-color scheme looks like many of Apple’s other products, and while the cable itself isn’t the strongest out there, it should survive at least a few years of moderate use. It’s not overly expensive either, with its $39 price tag being less than many competitors.


  • 15W charging speed
  • Solid design
  • Not overly expensive


  • Plastic cable isn’t the strongest

Best for: Charging your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time.

If you have multiple MagSafe-compatible devices, you can charge them all up at the same time with the Belkin BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad. It has spots for three devices—an iPhone, Apple Watch and a third Qi-compatible device like a pair of AirPods.

This charger is both highly functional and attractive. It’s available in either black or white, and it can fit right at home wherever you choose to charge your devices. The BoostCharge also charges your devices quickly, supporting up to 15W, and integrating the fast magnetic charger for Apple Watch (it works on Watch Series 7 and later at faster speeds). Belkin doesn’t disclose the speed of the middle Qi charging pad, but a pair of AirPods can fully charge overnight.


  • great design
  • fast charging
  • Charge three devices at once


Best for: Charging your phone while being able to keep an eye on the screen.

If you find yourself needing to use your phone while charging it, then look at a MagSafe charger with a kickstand, like this nifty Belkin MagSafe Wireless Charger. The kickstand design allows you to watch videos or play games on your phone while it’s charging—a feature that could seriously come in handy when you see that dreaded low battery message.

This charger supports the faster 15W charging speed, and it has a strong, braided nylon cable that should withstand whatever twisting torture you throw at it. The only downside? It’s expensive for a single-device charger. But if you don’t mind shelling out for a charger that has added convenience, it’s worth it.


  • Kickstand design
  • Braided nylon cable
  • fast charging


Best for: Those who want MagSafe charging at a lower price.

If you want MagSafe charging without paying the price for the MagSafe-certified chargers on this list, then it’s worth considering the Anker 313 Magnetic Wireless Charger. Now, before we dive into why you should buy it, there are a few things to note up-front. This charger is MagSafe-compatible, not MagSafe-certified. So, it maxes out at a 7.5W charging speed, which is half the speed of the other MagSafe-certified chargers on this list.

But that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad product. On the contrary, 7.5W should charge your phone fast enough in many situations, like charging overnight or using a spare charger on your desk at work. Unless you regularly wish your phone was charging faster, you don’t need to worry about buying a faster charger. This Anker charger still offers a great design and comes in a low price compared to much of the competition.



  • Not MagSafe-certified
  • Up to 7.5W charging speed

Best for: Keep charged up on-the-go.

The Scosche GoBat MS 5K MagSafe Power Bank is a versatile, must-have companion for charging up as you go about your day. This power bank has a large 5,000mAh battery, and it integrates a magnetic, Qi wireless charging pad into the top of the battery to make charging on the go even more convenient. The battery’s capacity means you can fully charge any iPhone model—and then some. Speaking of convenience, you don’t even have to use magnetic charging if you don’t want to. This charger also has a 10-watt USB Type-C port that lets you charge at up to 10W through a wired connection.

The downside to this power bank is its charging speed of up to 7.5-watts, not the faster 15-watt charging speed. But if you’re looking for something that can ensure your phone stays fully charged, wherever you are, it’s a great option.



  • A bit expensive
  • Not MagSafe-certified

Best for: A premium Apple power bank with smart charging features.

If you’re looking for a battery pack that offers deeper integration with the iPhone, then look no further than the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack. This battery pack’s capacity and staying power is not as large as others, but it can communicate intelligently with your iPhone as only an Apple product can. Plus, you can use it as a charging pad if you plug it in while your iPhone is connected to it.

Notably, the charger has smart battery management features to help keep your iPhone’s battery healthy. You can track your phone’s charging status on-screen, and the battery lets you know when your iPhone is fully charged. You can also see how much juice remains in the battery, handy so you’re not caught without a battery when you need it. Oddly, Apple’s own MagSafe Battery Pack can charge at up to 15-watts when it’s plugged in, but otherwise it charges at 7.5-watts at most, with the latest firmware update.


  • Smart charging features
  • compact design


  • Expensive
  • Smaller battery than others
  • Slower charging than expected

Best for: Snapping your phone onto a charger while you drive.

The Spigen OneTap Pro MagSafe charger handy keeps your iPhone juiced up in your car. This charger mounts onto your car’s dash, the front window or other surfaces in your car, giving you flexibility in placing your phone in the most accessible (and legal) spot. When you’re in the car, simply attach your phone magnetically to the mount, just pull it off when you arrive at your destination—and happily enjoy a topped-up battery.

The Spigen OneTap is well-built, so it won’t move when you drive over bumps or potholes. It only supports charging speeds of up to 7.5-watts, and not 15-watts. But that’s still fast enough to keep your phone charged between trips.


  • Well-designed
  • Strong build
  • Versatile placement


What To Look For When Buying A MagSafe Charger

When buying a MagSafe charger, there are a few considerations to make. Here’s what you should keep in mind when buying a MagSafe charger.


Perhaps the least important consideration to make is how the charger looks. Now, there are some functional aspects of design—like how bulky a charger is, versus how portable it is. But depending on the kind of MagSafe charger you’re buying, that could be more or less important to you. A MagSafe battery pack, for example, needs to be relatively portable. But a stationary charger for your nightstand doesn’t, necessarily.

Of course, you may also just want the charger to look good, depending on where you plan on placing it.

MagSafe-Compatible Vs MagSafe-Certified

As mentioned, there’s a difference between chargers that are MagSafe-compatible versus those that are MagSafe-certified. Anyone can make a Qi wireless charger that has magnets built into it, and those “works with MagSafe.” But not everyone goes through the certification process for MagSafe with Apple. Chargers that are MagSafe-certified can charge faster, at up to 15W, instead of the 7.5W speeds that you’ll get on chargers that are MagSafe-compatible.

Charging Speed

Not every MagSafe product charges at the same speeds. The fastest speeds currently on offer by MagSafe chargers is 15W, which should fully charge an iPhone in a little under two hours. Many MagSafe chargers, however, only offer half those speeds. If you can, it’s worth buying a MagSafe charger that supports the faster speeds.


Different MagSafe chargers cater to different uses. There are MagSafe car chargers, battery packs, desktop chargers and more. Think about where and how you charge your phone.

Which Brand Of MagSafe Chargers Is Best?

There is no single best brand of MagSafe chargers, but perhaps the most reliable is Apple itself. That said, if you buy a MagSafe charger from Belkin, Anker, or any other well-known phone peripherals brand, you should get a similar experience.

Is MagSafe Better Than Plugging In?

It depends what you mean by “better.” Plugging your phone in will usually offer a faster charging speed — at up to between 25 and 27 watts, depending on the iPhone model. You’ll need a compatible charger to do that, though.

Charging with MagSafe is, on the other hand, more convenient. With MagSafe, you can simply magnetically attach your iPhone to a charger and detach it when you’re done — though you’ll only get speeds of up to 15W.

Which MagSafe Charger Is Fastest?

Any MagSafe charger that charges at up to 15W is the fastest. There is no single fastest MagSafe charger, but there are many MagSafe chargers that support that speed, which is the maximum that you can get with MagSafe in the first place.

Can You Leave An iPhone On MagSafe Overnight?

Yes. The iPhone can intelligently manage how fast it charges and when it charges. There are no known dangers involved with leaving an iPhone on MagSafe overnight.


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