Looking Ahead To A Brighter 2023 For Xbox Game Studios

However, of the three, this writer might personally be the most excited about Turn 10’s upcoming racer. The Forza Motorsport reboot looks like a proper current-gen title, with the game set to feature full on-track ray tracing amongst other ‘next-gen’ features. It’s been more than five years since we first took to the raceways of Forza Motorsport 7 – we’re eagerly awaiting the team’s next effort!

Then, there’s trying to map out the rest of Xbox’s upcoming portfolio. Hellblade 2 looks fairly far along in development judging by recent gameplay clips, and titles like Fable and Avowed have been in the works for years now. We’re not saying any of these are nailed on for 2023, but one or two of them might make it and that alone would create a great year for Xbox!

There’s also a decent chance we’ll get a surprise or two. Sure, these might not be as ‘AAA’ as the aforementioned titles, but we might get another Pentiment or something similar from Xbox Game Studios next year. We loved our time with Obsidian’s latest effort, and we’d definitely take more where that came from in 2023!


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