Photo Of Bald Eagle Clutching A Goose Sparks Debate On Internet. Here’s Why

The photo has appeared on many social media platforms.

A photo of a bald eagle flying while clutching an entire Canadian goose in its talons is gaining traction on the internet. The photo was captured by security camera at the Wanapum Dam, in Washington, on December 15. The picture has sparked a debate among social media users who find it pretty unusual for a bald eagle to be carrying a catch that appears to be as large as itself. According to Fox News, an adult bald eagle can pick up and fly carrying five to six pounds without wind.

On Reddit, the photo has received more than 63,000 upvotes and nearly 3,000 comments.

“Canada Geese and Bald Eagles weigh about the same. Both species average between 7ish and 14ish lbs and these two individuals look about the same,” commented one user.

And honestly, the eagle hasn’t won yet. The goose is probably several times it’s weight, mostly muscle and twice as pissed off,” said another.

Other users posted some funny comments.

“It’s more like when superman took Louis for a trip in the sky,” one of the comments read. “The bald eagle didn’t catch the goose. It has submitted and is now his chauffeur,” another user posted.

According to the US Department of Agriculture Cooperative Extension, experiments with captive eagles indicate that adults require about one-third of a kilogram of meat per day to maintain their weight. It said that young and growing eagles require much more food.

The Wanapum Dam, where the photo was clicked, spans the Columbia River and generates enough electricity to power a city the size of Seattle, according to Fox News.

“The footage captures how nature and hydropower coexist on the Columbia River. We manage shoreline areas with habitat for bald eagles, Canada geese and other animals,” it quoted Grant County Public Utility District spokesman Chuck Allen as saying.

Adult Canadian Geese, meanwhile, grow to about 11 kg, according to Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources. Females are slightly smaller.

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