Man stands near terrifying ‘lava ocean’ in shocking video

Screengrab from a viral Twitter video

Humans are often amazed by the wonders of nature, whether they are glaciers or volcanoes. These places are located in some of the most secluded locations in the world and their videos often grab attention. One such video has recently started making rounds and is not only amazing but will also give you goosebumps.

The video is said to be from a lava ocean where a man can be seen standing at the edge of the cliff while looking down at the ocean. The jaw-dropping clip is going viral and has grabbed millions of views so far.

Shared on Twitter by a handle named ‘Oddly Terrifying’, the video shows a large lava ocean where molten lava can be seen flowing with great intensity and further splashing against the rock, similar to how ocean water hits a beach.

At the same time, we can also spot a man wearing a helmet and standing close to the edge of the cliff trying to ‘enjoy’ the view. Pretty unmoved by the scary lava waves, it is not sure whether the man was an explorer or a person working at the site.

The time and date of the video is also uncertain. The user while sharing the video also added a caption that reads, “What it looks like at the edge of a lava ocean.”


In the meantime, as soon as the video was shared, many users were taken by shock. People also flooded the comment section with multiple reactions, with some pointing out that the video is fake.

A user wrote, “Fake. Even dark lava is too hot to be around, simply from radiation it emits. There is no way someone can just be standing next to a pool of free-flowing, white hot lava without suffering immediate burns. This is not Lord of the Rings, people!”

Another person commented, “I was born in a country called Zimbabwe and we were never taught to stand close to the lava like this: our ancestors don’t allow such.”

Many also added laughing emojis in the comments.

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