Man drives ‘upside-down’ car in viral video; Watch

Video of ‘upside down’ car driving on streets goes viral; internet left confused

When it comes to cars, people are quite passionate about their four-wheelers and love to flaunt them in front of others. Some also love experimenting with the designs of their cars and making them stand out in the crowd by adding additional features and enhancing the look of the vehicle. While people usually experiment with the colour, design, and accessories of cars, a person was now spotted designing his car in such a manner that it had the appearance of an upside-down vehicle. Yes, we are not joking! A video of the car running on the streets is also going viral on the internet.

Shared on Twitter by a user named Born A Kang, the video opens with a man driving his uniquely designed on the roads which looked as if it had toppled upside down. Painted in blue and white, the car can be seen taking a turn at a four-road junction. Speaking about its look, while we can spot its real tires at the bottom of the car, what catches our attention more are the other real tires installed on the top, two in the front and two in the back.

Besides, the door handles, windows, headlights, front dashboard, number plate, and also the company’s name has been arranged in an upside-down manner.

Overall, the car can definitely leave you scratching your head and also amazes at the man’s creativity.

The user while sharing the video added a funny caption referring to the popular cartoon ‘Spongebob’. “This SpongeBob ass car,” he wrote.

As soon as the video was shared, it did grab the attention of many people who took to the comment section and shared their reactions. Many also shared some other hilarious videos and photos in the comments.

A user wrote, “that thing costs money to make….”, while another person commented, “imagine being on an acid trip and this drives by you.”

Another user added a suggestion and wrote, “Should have the spongebob silly theme with it. Or it will never be a complete clip.”

Check more reactions:

The video has received over 7 million views so far and thousands of likes.

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