Comparing Yourself To So-Called Perfect Lives On The Internet Isn’t Healthy. Here’s How To Stop

The first thing you should do when face to face with the green-eyed monster while scrolling through social media is to understand that none of it is actually real. It’s a “snippet of a moment, not the fully fleshed out reality,” Janelle S. Peifer, a licensed clinical psychologist, tells SELF. Understand that you don’t really know what living in that person’s world is like. You just see what they choose for you to see — so of course, it’s going to be a pretty sight!

It’s easy to create a fantasy in your head of what you think another person’s life is like. In reality, you see a fraction of a second of their day. Instead, scroll through that app with a different mindset, understanding that the things you see on social media are not a complete portrayal of someone’s life, no matter how much it seems like it is. Remember, the perfect life does not exist.

Then, for your own sanity, clean up that timeline. Unfollow or die those who trigger your habit of comparing, and don’t feel sorry about it. We recommend following people on social media who align better with your lifestyle and aren’t afraid to highlight the negative aspects of their lives, not just the exciting, glamorous, happy ones. When you virtually remove those who trigger you, your social media experience will be much healthier.

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