Kentucky American Water talks conserving water, higher bills and additional assistance

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — As Lexington continues to feel the aftermath of the recent winter storm, with burst pipes or leaks, some people may be worried about its potential effect on their next water bill.

“Anytime there is a leak in the home, whether it be a leak, or a break, like the ones that some of our customers have experienced with the cold weather, or a toilet leak, for example, those really do, they can affect your water bill, because more water is used, more water goes through the meter, that sort of thing,” says Susan Lancho, senior manager of external and government affairsKentucky American Water.

So, what should you do?

“If they will have a situation where they’ve had a water line at their home break during this cold spell, is to check out our website to look for our hidden leak adjustment information. Because some breaks will qualify for adjustments on the water bill, especially if it’s a hidden leak, such as an underground leak,” adds Lancho.

She also says water main breaks will not affect water bills. With some areas encouraging water conservation, Lancho also shared some tips that can help in your water usage.

“You can conserve water by not letting the water run unnecessarily, for example, if you’re brushing your teeth, or if you’re shaving at the sink, for example, not letting the water run continuously as you do those things. Also, things like just taking shorter showers, rather than a long drawn out shower, you can take a shorter shower, or maybe a five minute shower, take shorter baths. Also, if you’re using the washing machine or the dishwasher, use those only when you have full loads of laundry or a full load of dishes, these little things can really add up,” also said Lancho.

Lancho also says in the event your home suffers from a water line break, you should try to identify the source of the problem. “If they do have a water line break at their home, you know, water line in the wall, or even outside etc, they want to stop that flow of water so they can fix that repair. And so they want to know where their main water shut off valve is located, and go ahead and turn the water off so that they can stop that leakage from occurring and wasting that water and possibly causing damage to their homes or other structures.”

If you have questions about your bill or if you find yourself in a pinch, there is help available.

“Should their water bill be affected in the next month, you know when they get that bill for the next month. And you know it’s a hardship for them to cover the cost of that but want to give us a call and just talk through some options that we may have for either paying that in installments or they may qualify for some other types of assistance,” Lancho says.

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