General Assistance Application: How much is general assistance in California?

The last year was not kind to United States residents from middle and low-income households in America. The first quarter of the year was marred by supply chain issues that saw the price of several grocery items such as bread, milk, and eggs increase drastically.

As residents across the country tried to navigate these price hikes, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting sanctions imposed on Russian oil imports plunged the economy into a further spiral with the price of gas hitting record highs in the following months.

In fact, the state of California was one of the worst hit, with the average price for a gallon of gas going over six dollars, making it the most expensive state to fill up your car by a large margin.

With inflation touching 40-year highs, the Federal Reserve stepped in to introduce a series of interest rate hikes, which acted as a ballast to the runaway inflation rate. While the price of gas continues to fall, America is still very much in the midst of a cost of living crisis, with the interest rate hikes now also leaving the economy on the precipice of a recession.

Given the state of affairs, several residents have turned to welfare schemes in order to help them meet their basic living expenses. One of the lesser-known schemes in the state of California is the General Assistance program.

What is General Assistance?

General Assistance (GA), is a scheme in California that provides cash aid to indigent adults and emancipated minors who cannot support themselves financially and live in Almeda County.

It is important to remember that GA is not a welfare measure and the amount being doled out to eligible individuals falls under a loan.

The maximum allowance under the GA scheme is 336 dollars per month for single individuals and 548 dollars a month for couples.


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