EMA director encourages Selma tornado victims to apply for assistance

SELMA, Ala. (WSFA) – While home and business owners in Selma clear debris, the Dallas County Emergency Management Agency is doing everything it can to support the community.

It’s going to take some time to rebuild the 2,000 structures hit by the Jan. 12 tornadoes in Selma. Dallas County EMA Director Toya Stiles and her team are making sure that everyone uses and is applying for assistance like FEMA.

“We have some FEMA reps that are actually canvassing certain areas within the eastern part as far as the western part of the city, as well as the county, to help get people registered,” said Stiles.

Other public locations, such as Selma High School, are serving as places to apply for assistance and serving as shelters to those still without power.

Volunteers are also being taken care of.

“We will have Church Street United Methodist Church still open that’s being used as a volunteer reception center. That is for all volunteers to report whenever they enter the county or the city,” said Stiles.

So far, 251 applications have been approved for FEMA assistance in Alabama.

For help applying for FEMA assistance, call 1-800-621-3362. You can also register for FEMA assistance at Selma High School, Ebenezer Church and Church Street United Methodist Church from 9 am to 4 pm


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