Czechia: Pavel rejects Babiš’ declaration about assistance for Baltics in event of attack

Czech presidential candidate Petr Pavel tweeted, in response to his rival’s assertion that he would not send troops to help Poland or any other Baltic states in the event of an attack on the country or any of the Baltic states.

Andrej Babiš was asked about the hypothetical scenario in a debate on Sunday.

His political opponent did not agree: “I have decided that if I become president, my second trip will be to visit Poland to assure our good neighbor and friends in the Baltics that we are keeping our agreements and that Andrej Babiš is not speaking on our on behalf of”, Pavel wrote on Twitter.

“With his statement that he certainly would not send our troops to Poland or the Baltics if they were attacked, Babiš ignored our alliance commitments and significantly jeopardized our credibility and security,” Pavel added.

Petr Pavel, the retired general and former NATO official was leading billionaire ex-prime minister Andrej Babis by a near 18-point margin ahead of a Czech presidential election run-off vote, according to the final Ipsos agency poll published on Monday.

Pavel was polling at 58.8 percent to 41.2 percent for Babiš in the survey conducted on January 20-22. The two candidates meet in the second round of the election between January 27 and 28.

Pavel, an independent backed by the center-right government, has projected a clear pro-Western policy stance and support for Ukraine in its defense against Russian aggression.



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