World Cup 2022: The room Messi stayed in during the World Cup will be made into a museum

Qatar University have announced they will turn the room where Argentina Star Lionel Messi resided during the 2022 World Cup into a mini museum.

State-run Qatari news agency QNA posted on its Twitter account that Messi‘s room at the country’s top university will no longer receive guests.

The touching video published by Messi on social media after winning the World Cup

It will retain everything Paris Saint-Germain player left in it as a small museum for students and visitors to the country.

The university’s facilities were also used by Liverpool during their participation in the 2019 Club World Cup, given its variety of courts, gyms and swimming pools, and a stadium for training. It’s why Argentina also then opted to reside there instead of a luxurious hotel.

The room Messi stayed in during the World Cup will be made into a museum

Messi’s room will be for visitors only

Hitmi al Hitmithe director of communications and public relations at Qatar University, told Qatari newspaper Al Sharq that those in charge made improvements to the rooms to ensure they had everything a player could need.

According to two Al Hitmithey are five-star housing and very different from residences in other countries.

He also detailed that only a few amenities were added so that the rooms would meet FIFA standards.

“The room of Argentina national team player Lionel Messi will remain unchanged and will remain available only for visitors and not for residence, as it will serve as a small museum that will contain all of Messi‘s belongings and will be a legacy for students and future generations and a witness to the great achievements Messi has reached during the World Cup,” Al Hitmi added.

Argentina were crowned at the Qatar 2022 World Cup for the third time – after the 1978 and 1986 titles – with Messi winning the only major trophy he had yet to win in his career.


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