Georgina criticized for “almost pornographic” married to Cristiano Ronaldo

Georgina Rodríguez’s Christmas gift to husband Cristiano Ronaldo left no one indifferent. While some envied not finding their own Rolls-Royce like his under the tree, and instead smiled as they opened a pair of socks or new pajamas, others saw it as an ostentation in bad taste. And among these in the latter camp is Miguel Ángel Revilla, a Spanish politician.

The president of Spain’s Cantabria region participated yesterday in the program Más Vale Tarde on channel La Sexta to review current affairs, as he often does, and he had a few choice words for the celebrity couple.

“With what is happening, people are not moral,” he pointed out in reference to the video Georgina had published on social media walking around the mansion in a red dress until she reached the garden and showed the star player his new car.

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Miguel Angel RevillaNACHO CUBERODiarioAS

“I thought it was pornographic. With what people are going through, having these things on television is immoral,” said the politician about the Rolls-Royce convertible which has a value north of $300,000.

Ronaldo’s luxurious Christmas

Cristiano Ronaldo has also been showing off his gift on social media. Adorned with a large red bow, the footballer revealed his new Rolls Royce Dawn 2022, in white and silver. It’s ice cream a four-seater convertible car that can use a retractable roof that opens in 22 seconds. In addition, it is worth noting its interior, in white and with a 10.5-inch screen.

The motor also stands out in terms of speed, as it is reaches 100 km/h in a matter of 4.9 seconds, and has a top speed of 250 km/h. Some benefits for which Georgina would have paid at least $335,555, although if some extras have been added this could be more. However, it is not the most expensive car in the extensive collection owned by Cristiano, who owns, among other automotive jewels, a Bugatti Centodieci, valued at around eight million.

It’s certainly an impressive gift, but maybe the former Man Utd player would have preferred unwrapping a club to welcome him with open arms.

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