What You Need To Do If You Can’t Stop Feeling Sad | Bill Protzmann

Are you feeling emotional? Are you wondering how to deal with depression? Is sadness locking you down? It can do that, but it doesn’t own you.

So what is the best way to deal with sadness? Just like with any other emotion, you’ve got to feel it.

Sadness can run deep and wide. It’s supposed to. If you’re feeling sad — even for a long time — you’re doing it right. We are designed to respond to sad triggers. There’s no alternative: when something is sad, we need to go there.

The trouble comes from trying to stuff sadness like a camel storing water. It’s also a problem to boldly ignore it; pride is no excuse to hide sad feelings. Each of us ought to have a reasonable time and place for allowing sadness. There are good physiological reasons to let feelings work on us.

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Our human systems have built-in ways of responding to sad triggers that are very healthy, provided we allow them.

The unhealthy way to deal with sadness or depression is to ignore or suppress the sad feelings. It feels much better to give yourself a full experience of sadness. Yes: give this to yourself.


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