New Documentary ‘Wooks’ Drops on YouTube

Director Sean Duane has delivered a new documentary that examines the underbelly of the hippie subgroup commonly referred to as Wooks. The 38-minute long recording, which bears the same name as the free-spirited subdivision, is free to stream on YouTube. Watch now.

Premiering on Dec. 26, the film is described as “an acid-soaked journey through the wise and wild world of Wooks.” While the documentary reframes from following a specific live music archetype steeped in the show experience, it does present the hippie sub-group embracing the touring lifestyle and parking lot shenanigans that tend to accompany tours associated with bands like Dead & Company, Phish and others.

Throughout the film, cuts of parking lot scenes unfold and paint a picture of the individualism of the group and their pre and post-concert intentions. While there is a consistent sense of silliness, the video shot and edited by Joey Lipstein and produced by Cass Greener also boasts meaningful moments of interconnectedness for live music fans. “Magic is what we do, music is how we do it,” offers one individual, adorned in the Grateful Dead’s iconic 13-point lightning bold cap.

Although more often than not, Wooks is a farcical display of experiences from individuals keen on sharing their stories from the road. Watch the new documentary below.

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