Jim Jones Says He Tried to “Protect” Max B & Stack Bundles, Says They Wouldn’t Listen

Jim Jones recently appeared on ‘FlipDaScript’ with Queenzflip and DJ G Money and spoke candidly about how he was looking to “protect” his artists.

Jones talked about offering to buy Stack Bundles, Mel Matrix, and Max B a house in New Jersey to get them out of the hood, but they didn’t want to leave their surroundings. “I was about to buy Stacks, Max and Melly a whole brownstone in New Jersey. None of them wanted to leave the hood. I was not about to waste my money. I went shopping for the s**t and all that type of s**t.,” said the Dipset rapper.

Jones revealed his reasoning behind the move while trying to convince the rappers why they should leave, saying, “’You’re bugging! You could go to the hood every day, but you’re gonna be living in Jersey. You’re gonna be living better. And you don’t have to worry about paying for no rent or nothing like that, I’m just tryna get you n****s out the hood.’”

Despite the gesture, no one took Jones up on his offer. Jones said, “Melly ended up getting shot. None of these n****s would listen, and everything that happened that, you know, can happen in the hood ended up happening. Everything to try to protect them for what I know could’ve happened to them.”

Watch at the 5:56 mark above.

source: YouTube

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