Netflix bosses ‘push for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle to film at-home reality series’ after success of his book Spare

PRINCE Harry’s blockbuster memoir has prompted Netflix bosses to push harder for the Sussexes to film an at-home reality-style series, it has been claimed.

Executives had “raised eyebrows” about the volume of personal and family bombshells in Spare compared to their relatively tame recent docuseries Harry & Meghan, according to a source who works with the streaming service.


Netflix executives are pushing Prince Harry and his wife Meghan to film a new reality seriesCredit: Alexi Lubomirski
They were irked by all the bombshells in Harry's new book Spare that weren't included in their recent Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan


They were irked by all the bombshells in Harry’s new book Spare that weren’t included in their recent Netflix docuseries Harry & MeghanCredit: PA

It has led bosses to up their interest in a fly-on-the-wall style show filmed at the couple’s $14.7m mansion in Montecito, the source said.

The LA-based consultant, who works with Netflix, said: “Harry’s memoir has certainly been a talking point, and while many may think that executives would be annoyed at the volume of revelations in Spare versus the show, in truth they were different scenarios .

“They scored great viewing figures and want a second bite of the pie.

“The gloves are off now for Harry, and Netflix feels they are in prime position for a second project.

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“Moving forward, the aftermath of what happens to Harry and Meghan will be fascinating to viewers.

“We know that the couple films material all the time, so there remains a treasure trove left, which could make for dynamite viewing.

“However, for such a deal to move forward, the couple would have to open up the doors of their Montecito home.

“There is no doubt audiences have been excited by watching Harry speak about his life. The interest remains huge.”

Some of the interviews filmed for Meghan, 41, and Harry’s six-part Netflix show appeared to take place in a home setting.

But it was later claimed that the production had used another $33.5m estate for filming.

The US Sun’s source added that Harry, 38, is making the rounds for TV interviews to plug Spare had not gone unnoticed at Netflix.

They said: “Some in the marketing team at Netflix were disappointed that Meghan and Harry did not go out on a media tour for the show.

“Harry’s willingness to go on TV for Spare has raised eyebrows.

“But the hope is that they will promote future projects.”

The Sussexes’ docuseries set a Netflix viewership record for a documentary when it was released on December 3.

Viewers worldwide spent 81.55 million hours watching the first three episodes in the first four days they were available, according to official figures.

Harry and Meghan’s follow-up project for Netflix premiered on December 31.

Live to Lead sees the couple present a series of interviews with world leaders and influencers such as late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, environmental activist Greta Thunberg, and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The project is a collaboration between the Nelson Mandela Foundation and production company Blackwell and Ruth, with Harry and Meghan’s own Archewell Productions acting as co-producers.

In May 2022, Netflix canceled Pearl, an animated series created by Meghan.

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The show, which had been announced in 2021, fell victim to cost-cutting after a sharp cut in subscribers wiped $50b off of Netflix’s market value.

The Sussexes and Netflix did not respond to The US Sun’s requests for comment.

The show was filmed at their $14.7m mansion in Montecito


The show was filmed at their $14.7m mansion in MontecitoCredit: Google Earth
The couple moved to California after stepping down from their official duties in the UK


The couple moved to California after stepping down from their official duties in the UKCredit: AP

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