Glass Onion pulls 82 million hours watched but can’t top the almighty Unforgivable

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Netflix has a knack for making itself look bad. After spending the equivalent of a season of Rings Of Power on a pair of murder-mystery romps, Netflix finally released Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery two positive reviews and boffo views (according to Netflix, of course). And yet, it couldn’t quite reach the heights of a Sandra Bullock thriller that’s been on the lips of moviegoers for the last year: The Unforgivable.

Per Varietybetween December 19 and 25, Glass Onion brought in 82.1 million hours watched by Netflix viewers, which, again, according to Netflix, means 35 million households watched. How many of them were sharing passwords? Who knows! But that’s the kind of math Netflix should probably do before they get rid of that.

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Anyway, on Netflix’s charts, Glass Onion couldn’t quite surpass the viewership of The Unforgivable, a supposed Sandra Bullock thriller that viewers spent 85.9 million hours watching last Thanksgiving. We know what you’re thinking: “But, AV Club, that movie never came out. Someone would’ve remembered it!” Well, listen up, bucko, this website reviewed it, so it happened. In general, Netflix’s top movies are a grab bag of movies requiring quick Googling. For example, who knew there was a sequel to The Christmas Chronicles? Also, 200 million hours of something called The Gray Man watched? We wouldn’t print it if it weren’t true.

Glass Onion made $15 million during its one-week theatrical run, but some analysts believe the movie could’ve made about $60 million with a wider release. Considering Netflix paid $450 million for the two Knives Out sequels, it might be nice to recoup some of that money. On the other hand, maybe all who watched Glass Onion appreciated the film and will continue subscribing after they’re locked out of the account they’ve been using for the last decade.

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