Dax Shepard Lost It When John Stamos Dropped a Major Truth Bomb About Kristen Bell

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Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell almost never happened. The reason why? A missed connection with John Stamos.

During an episode of the Armchair Expert podcast in November, the Full House actor revealed some major details about his dating life following his divorce from Rebecca Romijn in 2005 — that included a confession of a near-date setup with the Frozen star.

“I was recently divorced. There was some award show or party or after party or something,” he told Dax around the 29-minute mark. “And my press agent … says, ‘There’s this girl that wants to meet you. You gotta meet her. She’s in the theater. She’s fun — you guys would be great together.’ It was Kristen.”

Kristen Bell and John Stamos at a Hollywood event in September 2006.Jeff Kravitz – Getty Images

His story met audible gasps from the podcast hosts as Dax, 47, chimed in with a shocked, “Oh, no kidding?!” The Punk’d star revealed that he never heard the story but admitted it would have been great. (Dax and Kristen met the following year in 2007 at a dinner party.)

The dealbreaker? Although he recalled that he thought highly of her, John shared that he felt too old. Dax calculated that Kristen, 42, is about 17 years younger than John — less than the ’80s star’s age gap with his current wife. Caitlin McHugh. “But, then I got over that!” he quipped about the age difference.

Later in the interview, the Fuller House cast member opened up about meeting her. “I said, ‘I’m gonna put 100% into this.’ If it doesn’t work, fine, but at least I know that road,” he said in the podcast episode. “Being in the moment is exhausting, but it’s so great.”

John, 59, married Caitlin, 36, in 2018 and are now parents to a 4-year-old son named Billy. When celebrating her birthday earlier this year, he gushed about her on Instagram, while mentioning people’s first impressions once meeting the couple.

“When people meet my beautiful wife @caitlinskybound, it’s usually followed by, ‘John, boy did you luck out’ or ‘She’s too good for you! She’s the best thing that ever happened to you!'” he captioned a series of photos. . “And all I [can say] is, ‘Amen! I couldn’t agree more.'”

He added: “I don’t know what I did to deserve such a kind-hearted, smart, beautiful-souled partner like Caitlin, but I’m not gonna question it.”

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