Somersworth woman writes book based off her improv skit ‘Sleepyhead’

SOMERSWORTH — “The Adventures of Sleepyhead,” was an idea, then an improv skit, a play and, its latest iteration, a children’s book.

Gemma Soldati, whose family has deep roots in Somersworth, has come full circle. Her play has been seen in Europe, on the West Coast, and locally in the Seacoast region. Now, with grants from the New Hampshire Council for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, Soldati is partnering with the Somersworth Public Library to develop a children’s book for the library and host a reading series for children with her in character, as Sleepyhead .

“We started here but are exploring ways to get the book published and available for a wider audience,” said Soldati. We did our official book debut and final reading at Teatotaller in Somersworth (owned by her brother Emmett Soldati).

Soldati presented her story to children at a “pajama story time.”

“Kids came in pajamas; I was in pajamas, and it was great,” she said. “My friend Sarah Diamond, who is the illustrator, was there. It was so much fun and the kids really loved the story. As a part of my grant, I donated new furniture to the children’s room at the library.”

The Adventures of Sleepyhead, a new children's book

Sleepyhead began as an adult story.

“I debuted her in LA, in a stand-up show for adults in 2015,” said Soldati. “I would just come out and be really tired. People loved it. I was shocked at how much. We did a show at a friend’s wedding and kids were literally following me around, and the seed was planted. Friends said this is a children’s character.I said no, but they were right.”

When her father, Lincoln Soldati, former Somersworth mayor and well known in the Hilltop City, became ill with cancer, Gemma moved back to New Hampshire to be close. Lincoln died but his memory will forever be in the heart of the region because of everything he did in his lifetime.

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