Katie Clark turns to children’s book for latest creative endeavour

In her book, “A Golden Fairy Story,” Katie Clark writes of magic and mysticism in the fictional white willow school and the misunderstood fairy, Elif, who will heal past feuds by thinking outside the box. Clark will have a book release party Saturday, Jan. 28, at My Favorite Books.

Fairy dust filled fables

I do [clap] I do [clap] I do believe in fairies. [clap, clap, clap!]One must take no chances when discussing fairies, and you, dear reader, are not too good to bring a fairy back from the brink, so repeat with me: I do [clap] I do [clap] I do believe in fairies. [clap, clap, clap!]

Myth, lore and Disney paint a picture of fairies as tiny, mischievous, yet protective creatures who can save a forest rain and look cute in an updo and mini skirt.

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