Fort Wayne 82-year-old publishes book on time in convent

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Barbara Junod is 82 years old.

She has always wanted to write a book, and today she held a signing for her first book at Five Star Senior Living Community, where she lives.

“The Nun Factory and other horror stories,” is the title and she says it’s a memoir of the time she spent in a convent for a year in her teens.

She recalls things like the “floor dish.”

“If we did something wrong… they gave us something called a floor dish,” said Junod. That meant we could not eat in the dining room in the refectory, we had to eat on the floor.”

But not all of her memories include scolding.

“The girls that entered at the same time as I did, were the cream of the crop. They were the best. They wanted to turn their lives over to God,” said Junod.

In a press release, the book is described as a satire, and referred to Barbare as “extremely funny.”

Looking back on the process she thinks it’s something more people should do.

“People tell stories all the time, and I would encourage people, at my age even, to gather stuff about themselves,” said Junod. “Somebody didn’t come and pay me six figures to do it, and ask for the rights to the movie.”

Although if the book ever did become a movie, she said she wanted Lady Gaga to portray her.

The book can be found here for purchase.

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