Dan Gutman, author of the ‘My Weird School’ series and other children’s books, answers 7 Questions

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Dan Gutman has written over 70 books in the “My Weird School” series – and they are some of my favorite books. He has also authored the “Million Dollar” series, the “Genius Files,” “Baseball Card Ventures,” “The Kid Who Ran for President” and more.

Gutman has two grown children and lives in New York City with his wife. He invited me to his apartment for our interview and it was awesome! Here’s what I asked him:

  • What made you start the “My Weird School” books?
  • When did you start writing?
  • I heard you used to write about video games. Can you tell me about that?
  • When did you start writing for kids?
  • What do you like about living in New York City?
  • Have you been to Idaho and tried our famous potatoes?
  • What are some good tips for writing an amazing story?

Watch my entire interview with Dan in the video player above – including the tips he shared on how to write a good story.

You can learn more about Dan on his website and follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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