Cenla author releases “Forever So” children’s book

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) – A Central Louisiana native released their first children’s book, “Forever So,” on Saturday morning at the Westside Regional Library.

DC Sills, a Disciples of Christ Pastor, authored the book that brings a message of acceptance to the reader. The book follows a sing-a-long pattern that includes themes about accepting yourself for who you are and realizing that you are loved and worthy, forever so, as it says in the book.

Sills enlisted the help of another Cenla artist, Pete Gorham, who illustrated the book. Gorham, an art major at Northwestern State University, said the illustrations were meant to be inclusive and depict a diverse range of people.

Sills said the book release has been approximately four years in the making, and the message throughout the book is one readers should hear more often.

“The book is basically my personal theology,” said Sills. We are all worthy and loved, and we all come from a creator who loves us and finds us worthy, or we wouldn’t be here. It’s a message I don’t think gets said enough to people. We say it a lot to small children, but as we grow as adults we hear too many messages like ‘don’t wear that, don’t say this, don’t look like that, don’t love this person, don’t’ t be who you are,’ and we learn that we are not worthy and we must not be loved because the people in our lives are telling us we’re not worthy or loved. So, this book is to remind people that they are worthy and that they are loved.”

‘Forever So’(Credit: KALB)
Pete Gorham, illustrator.
Pete Gorham, illustrator.(Credit: KALB)

To purchase a copy of “Forever So,” CLICK HERE.

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