Valorant officially set for launch in China after government approval

Published: : 2022-12-28T12:03:59

Updated: : 2022-12-28T12:04:13

Riot Games’ Valorant is approaching a release in China after it was approved by the country’s government ahead of 2023.

Riot Games’ Valorant has been a monumental success since its launch way back in the summer of 2020.

While the game has experienced some issues – like smurfing – it regularly sits among the world’s most played titles.

The number of people playing may be about to skyrocket too, with the game set for launch in the Chinese market.

Valorant approved in China

On December 27, the Chinese government’s National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA) released their list of approved titles ahead of 2023. The list detailed over 80 domestic games that are set to become playable to Chinese gamers, alongside a number of foreign titles.

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The Chinese video game market is heavily regulated and titles developed abroad often face a lengthy approval process before they are granted a license for launch.

Among the 45 foreign titles now approved, Valorant was listed. While it’s not expected to be available immediately, we can certainly expect the tactical FPS to become accessible in the coming days.

It is not listed as ‘Valorant’ on the NPPA’s site, instead being titled ‘Fearless Covenant’.


Valorant is listed on the Chinese government’s approved gaming titles.

Among those reacting to the news was esports caster Gai Yandahan, who said: “VALORANT is officially approved in China.” He added that he expects it to be playable in China “soon”.

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The game will be available to download via Tencent’s game launcher.

At the time of writing, Riot themselves have not commented on the news. It’s certainly welcome for all though, with the game’s player base surely about to explode even more as it becomes free-to-play in the world’s most populous country.

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