Energy company ordered to refund millions of dollars to customers, officials say

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – The Louisiana Public Service Commission (“LPSC”) was pleased with two recent decisions that found System Energy Resources, Inc. (“SERI”), an Entergy subsidiary, overcharged customers.

According to officials, customers were being overcharged for years and now SERI owes millions of dollars.

SERI overbilled customers served by Entergy Louisiana, LLC, Entergy New Orleans, LLC, and Entergy Arkansas, LLC, officials said.

Reports show the company has to pay $160 million to Entergy Louisiana customers$190 million to customers served by Entergy New Orleans, and $241 million to Entergy Arkansas customers.

The LPSC, Council, and APSC said they are surprised by Entergy’s announcements over the last week that no more refunds are due on the uncertain tax positions and consider it blatantly inaccurate. No fair reading of either decision could support Entergy’s interpretation.

“For reasons unknown, Entergy is attempting to mislead its consumers, investors and the public regarding the consequences of FERC’s findings of unfair and unreasonable conduct by SERI,” said LPSC Chairman Lambert Boissiere.

In the discussion, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) rejected each of SERI’s arguments to justify its failure to reduce the rate base for the taxes collected from customers, officials added.

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